Rajawali Drum Band SID Electrify The 75th Araw Ng Dabaw Celebration

Davao City – In less than a month, the city will celebrates the 75ht Araw ng Davao.  One of the most important event that the city celebrates.  The celebration is all about the history of the city, the beauty of the city, the development of the city and the different tribes that lives and part of the city’s foundation.  The foundation 75th celebration will be on the 16th of March 2012.  The city government are very busy preparing for the programs that will be held on that day.  There are lots of shows to watch for, parade on the street, floral float parade and many others.

The people of Davao are very much excited of the big event.  Even though the city experienced several problems, the city government wants to give this happiness to the people.  To show to the people that, the city is very much livable and peaceful city. The Indonesian School  of Davao constantly  support  in  celebration during Araw ng Davao by perform a Rajawali Drum Band on this March 16, 2012 who will give a different street parades, shows, games and many others.  Those years I can really tell that the city is improving in terms of the way Araw ng Davao is being celebrated.  I hope that through participation in these activities will further strengthen our ties with the local government.

By :

Slamet Nugraha


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